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Mobile Game Development

Thrilling and captivating game app development in both 2D and 3D

If you are in search of best Mobile Game Development Company in California USA, then Apprasoft is here who has been serving many huge firms in order to provide them quality and reliable work experience. We have staffs including experienced and expert mobile game developers, designers who have mastered the art of creating games application that gives virtual entertainment with optimum creativity. Ones the art and creativity joins together it results in success within mobile apps stores.

Apprasoft which is leading mobile game app Development Company, designs mobile games and develop them in a different perspective of creativity. Our designers love their job and understand the criteria of latest mobile games application progress. For this purpose,  the Apprasoft Company has come up with innovative yet captivating designs for mobile games application which are studied, observed under latest trends. In our strategy plans, mobile game development process is priorities to make user-friendly mobile games that run without any interruption and bug free. With the requirement of games application monetization, we provide application that does not interrupt the charm and fun of games and also plays the monetization roles within the bearable pause.

User data and security is also important for any company for which we keep security measures and strict privacy conditions while creating a mobile game. Keeping all the aspects of custom mobile game development, we are keeping it our first priority to take care of privacy and term and condition of our clients and make it obligatory for app user to follow those steps for privacy and security. Our skilled mobile game developer team delivers highly interactive user interface and dynamic 3D graphical mobile games apps that not only increase conversion rate but people will follow you for more such games. We custom mobile game development services that does not only provide secure but an incredible user-interface and intense dimension to your mobile game application. At Apprasoft which is considered to be the worthiest Mobile Game Development Company in California USA, we provide 2D game development, 3D game development, and HTML 5 game development and Unity game development services.


User Registration

Signup Form

Register users through custom signup forms, enabling recovery of app related data in case of device migration or loss

Social Media Account (Facebook/Twitter/Google Plus, etc.)

Enable users to Register on your app using their Social Media Accounts. The app would pull all the required signup info from their social media account, skipping the need for users to manually fill the registration form.

User-Generated Content


Enable users to add/upload photos in the app and create albums.


Enable users to add/upload audio and video in the app.

User Profiles

Let users create their profiles, add profile photos, brief description about them and other personal info.

Ratings, Reviews & Comments

The Review & Rating feature is a good way of engaging app users, increasing user interaction and getting product/service related feedback.


Enable users to add their friends, follow other app users and build their network on your app. It promotes user engagement and interaction with your app and app users.

User and Network Activity Feed

The feature would enable users to get a feed of posts and other updates published by their friends and followers on the app.

QR Codes

Let users generate QR codes for their profiles, enabling others to scan their QR code and open their profile page

Scanning & Analysis


The barcode scanning feature enables users to scan barcodes on product labels, boxes and packaging right from their smartphone app.

QR Codes

QR codes are being used for various purposes including Branding, Payments, Tracking or for simply redirecting to a web URL. Enable users to scan QR codes right from your app and utilize the power of QR codes in your way.

Physical Objects

Get your app to Recognize Faces, Measure Objects, Match Patterns or Identify objects with the Object Scanning functionality.

Location-Based Features

Google Maps

Integrate Google Maps in your application to provide travel directions, information about places on map, destination routes, estimated travel time and much more.

Navigation Maps

Build navigation apps and incorporate your own custom-built, GPS-plotted online/offline navigational maps.

Location Tracking

Integrate Phone’s GPS receiver with your app to get GPS coordinates, track phone’s real-time location, record & store location coordinates, etc.

Communication Modes


Instant Messaging enables App users to send Instant text messages to other app users, store message threads and history.

Live Chat

Live text chat enables app users to interact with other app users in a live chat session. Live Chat feature may also be used to provide live text based technical support and assistance to app users.

Discussion Board

Create a public discussion board in the app, where all app users can view and post messages publically.

Audio Calls

The audio calling feature enables app users to make app-to-app audio calls to other app users, just like in WhatsApp

Video Calls

The Video calling feature enables app users to make app-to-app Video calls to other app users, just like in Skype

Mobile/Landline Calling

Take a step ahead and let users call to non-app users on their Landline or Mobile Network right from the app.

Conference Calls

Enable multi-party conference calls in your app, allowing users to add more than 2 participants in a call and conduct live conference sessions with family, friends and colleagues.

Notification & Alerts

Push Notifications

Let your application notify users of new messages and events while the user is not actively using the application. These Push notifications appear on mobile phone’s notification screen.

Email Alerts & Notifications

Emails are quite cheap, efficient and handy for verification and engagement purposes. Utilize the email medium to send event based email alerts as well as to send promotional messages, reminders and offers to app users

SMS Alerts & Notifications

Like emails, SMS alerts are also used for verification, engagement & promotional purposes. However, SMS alerts are considered more effective but slighly costly compared to email alerts.

Notification & Alerts

Download Fee

Set a download fee for your app that users would be required to pay upfront before they can download and use your app.

In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases enable you to sell app subscriptions or virtual items that can only be utilized within the app to enhance app experience. Users can purchase these items and make payments within the app.

Video Ads

With Video Ad SDKs, enable Playback of Video Ads within your app, without switching to any external URLs, keeping your users engaged with your app.

Banner/Interstitial Ads

Banner Ads and Interstitial Ads are just another way of Monetization. However, compared to Banner Ads, Interstitial Ads are full page Ads and block the app view. For this reason, they have a better CTR, whereas Banner Ads provide uninterrupted app experience with lesser CTR.

Incentivized Advertizing

With the evolution in Mobile Advertising, incentivized videos have become increasingly popular. With Incentivized Video Ads, users watch short videos to get incentives, such as extra lives or gold coins in a game.

White Labeling

Build a white label app and sell customized, rebranded versions of the same application with minor changes and updates.

Sale Of Goods & Services

Make your App an Online Shopping Store. Put your products and services on display, get orders, process payments right from the app.

Order Booking

Shopping Cart

Integrate a shopping cart with your app and create your mobile shopping store. Whether you use Open Cart, Magento, Shopify or Woocommerce, we have the experts.

Customized Order Form

Don’t need a full fledged eCommerce Patform? We can help you build a custom ordering form to cater your limited needs.

3rd Party Order Management System

If you already have an in-house order management system, we can help you integrate it with your app. All you need to do is provide us the required APIs and web services and leave the rest to us.

Payment Processing

Merchant Account

Collect payments from your app and transfer directly to your merchant account. We can help you seamlessly integrate your app with your merchant account, enabling instant transactions and payment processing.

Payment Information Collection

Collect Payment Information, such as credit card, bank account details, merchant account and process payments manualy.

3rd Party System

Use a 3rd Party payment processing system, such as ACH Network by NACHA to make and process bank to bank transactions

Administration & Reporting

User Management

Get complete control and management of your app users. Block, delete, add users registered on the app through an administrative utility.

Content Management

With Content Management Module, manage the app content yourself, without getting any assistance from the developer. Useful in apps that require frequent or routine updates.

Sub Admin/Client Portal

Sub Admin/Client Portal are a great way of delegating administrative processes or providing role based access to clients and users.

Sub Admin/Client Portal

Sub Admin/Client Portal are a great way of delegating administrative processes or providing role based access to clients and users.

Reports & Analytics

Generate Statistical MIS reports for your app, track how users interact with your app, enabling you to make adjustments in your app that can improve user experience.

Payment Management

The Payment Management feature lets you Manage Payments and transactions, view transactions history right from your administrative panel

App Integration Services

Web Synchronization

Synchronize your website and app to provide real-time, updated information on all devices and applications.

3rd Party Web Services and APIs

Integrate any 3rd party application or services through APIs and Web Services.

Social Engagement & Retention

Social Sharing

Enable app users to share App related updates and content on their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., giving more exposure to your app.

Rewards Program

Rewards program is a good way of building loyalty and retaining clients and app users.


The Ten App
The Ten App
The Ten App
TEN offers an exciting new dating experience for our users. Matching with other singles in your area is now more fun than ever.
APPrehender controls the smart phone’s camera and each photo taken thereafter will instantly be sent to a list of (up to 8) contacts chosen by the app user.
Tag Chat
Tag Chat
Tag Chat
TagChat is an Instant messaging app for professionals, helping them search and connect with nearby businesses and people for free.
Stick Mafia Transport Car Sim
Stick Mafia Transport Car Sim
Stick Mafia Transport Car Sim
Stick Mafia Transport car simulator is a simulator game of 2017 in which we have mafia, just like us mafia , russian mafia and other mafia .

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