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Must – have essentials for your mobile app

Over the past decade, mobile applications have evolved their position from being an investment to more of a necessity. And with this newly proclaimed status, the criteria to assess a mobile app’s quality has advanced as well.

By personal experience, I can suggest that after downloading an app, it takes a user only a few minutes to determine whether the app is fit for his use or provides him what he needs. Even a recent study suggested that 35% of first time mobile engagements by users last only a few seconds and once they lose interest, it is hardly likely for them to give the app a second chance or re download it.

So, it now becomes essential for business owners to target not just features, design and functionalities but also attributes for user engagement as without these aspects, their app would never develop into a product.

The core purpose of a ‘product’ is to satisfy specific user needs, and do so in such a manner that user engagements rise on a noticeable scale. After a bit of research, I have managed to gather a few tips and essentials that could significantly help business owners or companies, striving to build a mobile application which not just fits the perspective of an extensive mobile app but also generates enough revenue and tryst from their target audience.

  1. Ample Research

Prior to diving in the mobile app development of your idea, a few factors must be addressed beforehand, or more precisely, ‘researched’ on a wide scale.

Figure out a problem you want to address. What makes your app necessary and why should people turn towards your brand to fulfill it?

How will you deliver the solution? Be clear with the approach you will be using and how are you going to eliminate the issue such that it makes your user’s lives easier.

  1. Prioritization:

Not only deliver the solution, but also decide an effective hierarchy to place them in. The user should be able to not just resolve the problem but should find the solution right where he needs it. This can be done by careful placement of app’s features and attributes.

  1. User experience

What turns most users off is the complications and unfamiliarity in the apps features that either requires a lot of time and attention to use or is simply hard to comprehend.  Deliver maximum exposure to the app’s features with minimal obstacles.

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