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Get the concept of front end frameworks and why it is important

I think it is pretty self-explanatory why we need a well-built front end or using a more technical term, ‘client-side’. While referring to the front end of a website, we are talking about the overall appeal and outlook of your website that acts as a magnet for attracting user towards what you are offering and encourage them to engage more deeply with your services and products. This is the general approach every successful mobile app development company in usa.

But why use a ‘framework’ rather than code a custom front end. This is due to a bunch of reasons. The first one being that it is easier and less time consuming. It comparatively requires lesser coding labor from developers due to built-in templates and features. For instance, side menu components, search bars and grids which otherwise require a few tens of lines to built, only take up only a couple of lines of code through a framework.

Then there is the extensive typography and font styles to play with that eliminates the bland aspects of repetitively seeing the same design all over the internet. Also, when there are several pre-built components available with minimum hassle, the developers tend to get more creative and a little extra effort put into the design goes a long way for enhancing the UI experience of users.

In the world of web development, the front-end acts more like the visible counterparts of your brand, or more appropriately, the visual standpoint of your business. The back end on the other hand is the show that goes beneath the curtains, which is essential in its own standing, but comes way after assembling a seamless front end interface for users to interact with.

So a few of the popular front end frameworks that developers are frequently opting are:

Bootsrap: One of the simplest and easiest frameworks with huge chunks of built in code available all over the internet (especially on GitHub)used for mobile app development. Its interactivity and low maintenance aspects are one of its huge plus points which makes it the most widely adapted front end responsive framework in use for website and mobile apps.

Foundation: Another advanced client side framework, which just like bootstrap, is open source and free to use. It is mostly the first choice of developers with a little hands-on experience on coding and want to encompass all the basic designing with maximum control over components.

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